About Us

Gostilna Pri Zotlarju is a family inn with accommodation that has been operating for over 100 years and is now run by the fourth generation.

The name Zotlar comes from the German word “sattler”, which means saddler. Many carts used to stop at the house, as the first owner of the house was a saddler. Due to the large number of visitors, he was the first in his family to open an inn, and the name “Pri Zotlarjevih” caught on.

In 2009, we thoroughly renovated the guest house, because we want our guests to feel relaxed.

We also have two rooms available for overnight stays, each with its own bathroom, equipped with TV and WiFi.

Our vision

In the inn, we strive to preserve and reflect the peace and nature of the green Brkin, which surrounds our inn.

Our dishes are prepared from food grown in the home garden and from seasonal ingredients from local growers. The dishes are basically traditional Brk and Karst dishes, but they are usually served in a unique, more modern way.

We strive and want you, valued guests, to feel relaxed and at home with us.

Warmly welcome!